London in B&W, Part 1 – Lampposts and Park Benches #iPhone Only

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This is a short series of photographs taken on my recent trip to London. All the photographs have been taken using the iPhone SE and edited using a series of different apps on the iPad Mini 4 as well as the WordPress app. Here is the list of the apps that have been used; Photoshop Express, Photoshop Fix Mastin Labs‘ latest, Filmborn app and Watermark Share your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy.

Take a moment and rest on your way to Kensington Palace

A view of Kensington Palace’s Orangery from the garden

A lamppost slowly lights up as the sunsets

Two landmarks sharing the frame

Close to Buckingham Palace, a lamppost shows the way

Sometimes you have to look up to see things in a different perspective

Although empty, many people have stopped here to rest, many conversations have been had, some happy and some sad.

The lamppost by Buckingham Palace shows pedestrians the way

Under the light of the lamppost, many have sate in reflection

Bright it shines to break the night