Invictus Games Canadian Athlete Cpl (ret’d) Luc Martin

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I had the great privilege to meet one of the 2016 Invictus Games Canadian Athlete Cpl (ret’d) Luc Martin and is faithful companion Trail.

Who Is He?

Cpl (ret’d) Martin hails from Moncton and served in the Canadian Army. He was deployed to Kandahar, Afg when he sustained his injury. Trail, a German Shorthaired Lab, became part of his life six years ago and is always faithfully by his side. When Trail is not on duty, he is just like any other dogs, he loves running around and play, but knows when it is time to attend to his master. It took Cpl (ret’d) Martin four years and a lot of his own finances to train him and get all the necessary certifications in order for him to become an accredited service dog. Cpl (ret’d) Martin spoke of the importance of sport in his recovery as well as that sense of community which is so present in the military and can left a soldier feeling quite alone once they leave the forces.


Invictus Games Canadian Athlete Cpl(ret'd) Luc Morin and His Faithful Companion Trail

Invictus Games Archery Canadian Athlete Cpl (ret’d) Luc Martin and His Faithful Companion, Trail. Invictus Games Canadian Athlete

His Invictus Story

Cpl (ret’d) Martin found out about the Soldier On program during the 2011 Army Run. It is through the the program that he found out about the Invictus Games and joined as one of the competitors. Cpl (ret’d) Martin is a 2014 Invictus London, UK Games Archery silver medalist. His goal for the 2016 Orlando Invictus Games? Gold off course! And guess what? Did you guess? That’s right! You can see him below on a tweet from another great organization, True Patriot Love with CEO, Bronwen, and daughter Lauren as well as faithful Trail.

You can see all the results of this years Invictus Games on the Invictus Games 2016 website. Stay up to date with the 2017 Toronto Canada Games by signing up fro the news letter here.